Wednesday, 27 January 2010

My Campaign Logo.

This is the Logo that wil be featured on all my posters so people know that the poster is part of the same campaign and so it can be recognised for the campaign.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Reader Profile.


Gender: Female and Male
Age: Any age, Parents with children under 10.
ABC: A-C's
Religion: Any
Education: Primary school
Occupation: Student, parents can have any job.
Nationality: Mainly British, but any other can become envolved.


Busy parents who spend to much time working or socialising rather then spending their time with their child. However they do not neglect their child by forgetting to feed or bath their child its what we would think is just a normal everyday parent by they are really neglecting their child but not giving them a chance to play with them and being able to bond with eachother.

Mock up of third poster.

Here is my third mock up its not how the poster will defiantly look but it gives an idea what the poster will be about. Other then that the words and colours will stay the same as the poster shows how hand held games are given to a child as a way of the parents neglecting them beacuse they are not envolving their child in an activity that they can do togeather but leaving them on their own with their game.